It can be assumed that if you are an athlete, you probably take better care of yourself than most people. Athletes generally tend to eat healthier, exercise more often and are likely to understand the benefits of preventive medicine (i.e. proper screenings, annual checkups, etc.).

So why is getting extra oxygen important to me?

As our exercise intensity increases, our oxygen consumption does as well. However, there is a point at which exercise intensity will continue to increase without the associated rise in oxygen consumption. This point, as we all learned in our sports medicine or biology classes is known as our VO2 Max.

Understanding that there are many factors combined to determine a specific person’s V02 max, it is agreed upon in the sports medicine community that a major limiting factor to athletic endurance and performance is the limited oxygen supply.

When your body lacks the oxygen it needs, performance is reduced. During exercise, blood vessels in muscles dilate (increase in size) and blood flow is increased in order to supply as much oxygen to the muscle cells as possible. However, when muscular exertion is particularly strenuous, oxygen cannot be supplied to the muscle fibers fast enough. This results in an “oxygen debt” that can be directly related to the buildup of the metabolic waste product muscle contraction known as lactic acid. This build up is an indication that your body needs more oxygen; signs of this include increased (rapid) breathing, muscle cramping, muscle spasms and pain.

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